The Ring Dinger: Takes your pain from a 10 to a ZERO

If you’re dealing with bulging or herniated discs, sciatica, migraines, numbness and tingling in your legs or arms, or any other severe neck or back pain, let me ask you…

What if one of our docs could get your pain down to a ZERO in 1 – 3 days instead of 6-months to a year?

Let me ask you…

Can you only stand for short time or only take a few steps before having to stop and sit down? 

Perhaps you’re only able to sit comfortably on one side if you’re even able to sit at all? 

Do you have throbbing daily headaches without any reasonable explanation?

Maybe you’ve been experiencing jabbing pain shooting down one side of your butt and legs?

If any of this describes your current situation, you’re not alone.

8% of the population 18 and older, have chronic back pain so bad they can’t do basic daily activities like walk, stand, sit or sleep.

Another 5% who have mild back problems will go on to develop chronic back pain later on.

Maybe you’ve already been to a Chiropractor multiple times (one guy went over 100 times and still didn’t find relief!)

You may have felt better for a short time but then the pain came back.

It may have even come back worse than before!

Maybe you went to physical therapy too thinking that would help.

Perhaps your pain was so bad you tried an epidural injection in hopes it would give you even one day of relief.

Or, perhaps like one patient video I saw, replacement disc surgery was his only option left.

A car accident left him in pain from a lumbar herniated disc for 2 years.

After 3 days of visits using this specialized full spinal decompression technique…

Another surgeon got poorer…

and another spine was saved!

So what is this specialized full spinal decompression technique?

We call in The Ring Dinger®.

The Ring Dinger Table is used to perform the full spinal adjustment.

Patients lay down on a specially designed Ring Dinger® Table…

With their hips locked in place by two cushioned pins…

Their legs are elevated at 90 degrees so their spine flattens out… 

A warm towel is placed under the base of the skull and wrapped around under the jaw…

Our Ring Dinger® doctor applies the right amount of manual pull to completely decompress the spine from the neck down to the butt 100% of the time.

It’s not uncommon for giant smiles or tears of relief to show up on our patients’ faces.

Some patients can’t help but ball their eyes out because they finally feel relief.

Many patients have said they feel lighter or that they haven’t felt this loose in years!

This isn’t one of those “6-month care plans”.

Our Ring Dinger® docs don’t want their patients having to adjust their weekly schedule to fit in a Chiropractic visit…

Only to leave each session wondering if this is really helping them.

With the Ring Dinger® technique that we use, our patients are in our office 1 – 3 days depending on the severity of their situation.

When you’re done… you’re done.

If you need a “tune up” every now and then, you can schedule an appointment  but it won’t be required.

We make sure to teach you exercises that will help you maintain your new found zero pain lifestyle.

Who this isn’t for

Unfortunately, we can’t do this for everyone that comes in.

Ring Dinger® docs do detailed medical histories and examinations on every patient that they see.

If they determine that this technique can’t help your situation or you’re 65 or older, several of our docs won’t accept you for the Ring Dinger® treatment.

If  our docs can’t accept you for the Ring Dinger®, there may be other adjustments that can safely work.

For everyone else, each Ring Dinger® adjustment is $100.

There are bundles with full body adjustments and the Ring Dinger® available as well at any of our locations.

You should plan to spend between $600 – $1,000 during your visit.

If that sounds a bit pricey, ask yourself what will it cost you if you don’t find a lasting solution to the pain you’re in now?

Is that more expensive than back surgery that only has a 60% – 80% success rate?

I personally don’t know anyone who has had back surgery and been 100% normal again.

Even if you can only afford one Ring Dinger® adjustment, you’ll be so much closer to zero pain than anything else you’ve tried.

I made a day trip out of it and paid $180 for the one Ring Dinger® and full body adjustment.

I’m just providing a general ball park figure based on 2 treatments per day for 3 days.

Our docs gladly accept cash or credit card payments and you’ll pay after each visit.

Get back to enjoying your life again

There are hundreds of videos on YouTube showing people walking and moving the best they have in years.

Here’s a small playlist of some of my favorite videos I’ve watched.

I don’t know about you, but those videos are enough to make this grown man tear up.

I want to see you enjoying the little things in your life again, not hindered by your pain. 

Things like…

  • Being able to get in and out of a car with ease.
  • Taking long walks on the beach without feeling stabs of pain in each step.
  • Sitting down with your family at the dinner table without shifting your weight from side to side to avoid hurting.
  • Racing your kids across the yard without popping ibuprofen later that night

That’s why I recommend having a Ring Dinger® doc to help bring your pain level from a 10 down to a zero, as quickly as possible. 

If that sounds like a winning plan for zero pain, or you have a question or two, let me know in the comments below!!

Otherwise, here’s what to do next:

Virginia residents, here’s my recommended Ring Dinger® doc: Dr. Wes Richardson.

Residents outside of Virginia: Ring Dinger® Doc Finder

Are you still not sure if this is right for you?

So why should you take my word for it?

I’m just a dude from Lynchburg, Va but I’m passionate about health…

I’m also a huge Chiropractic “crack addict” and have watched thousands of videos on YouTube since 2017.

Out of every technique I’ve ever seen…

The Ring Dinger® provides the fastest and most complete relief in less that 15 minutes.

So, I put that to the test in August 2023.

I share about my own experience getting the Ring Dinger® here.

2 thoughts on “The Ring Dinger: Takes your pain from a 10 to a ZERO”

  1. I was impressed with the Ring Dinger. The whole regular session was done first including going sideways with my legs popping my low back. But then on the Ring Dinger, When he pulled, it popped in several places including way down at my tailbone. This was Saturday. Today is Tuesday. it has a healing pain being from 1 to 2. Right now maybe a 1. I think that the popping of that very low joint has been good as my pain is way less and not sure if it is just healing. I want to go again.

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