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Wufoo Form Builder Review

Wufoo Form Builder

Wufoo Form Builder Review

This is my personal review of the Wufoo.com free form builder based on using it for clients over the last 4 years. I personally have upgraded to a paid version and plan to review that soon.

The Wufoo Free Form Builder makes creating forms very quick and easy. For small businesses that need a simple online form that will send them a notification for each form submission, this is a good choice.

Wufoo Form Builder Pros and Cons


Final Thoughts

Wufoo was my go to form builder for several years and was great for me and my clients. The interface is easy to use and the amount of features offered in the free version will be good for most small businesses. However, Wufoo hasn\’t done much to offer new features or make some of their premium features available on the free version.

Update on 8-5-2015

I just received this saddening message from Wufoo in my email today:

We’re working on restructuring our plans and feature offerings, and wanted to let you know that starting August 31, you’ll no longer be able to customize a form’s confirmation message on the Gratis plan. Additionally, your existing custom messages will be reverted to the default text. All of your other Gratis features will remain the same.

We’re always looking for ways to improve the Wufoo experience, and as a way to say thanks for your support, we’re offering an exclusive 50% off your first month* when you upgrade to a monthly paid plan! You’ll get access to our most powerful features, including file uploading, account creation, online payment processing, and more.

Simply use coupon code UPGRADEMYWUFOO when upgrading to take advantage of this exclusive offer, and thanks again for being a loyal Wufoo customer!

No, Wufoo I\’m not going to take advantage of your generous 50% off 1 MONTH on an upgraded account. 3 months of payments for your decent plan would equal a whole year of an annual paid plan with Jotform. You coulda been a contender Wufoo but instead of increasing the value of your free plan you have taken something so basic away it boggles my mind.

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