Mail Chimp: Is It The Best Email Marketing Software?

Mail Chimp: Is It The Best Email Marketing Software?


Email marketing has become an essential tool for online growth. It has been touted by marketing experts as the key to a successful online business. In fact, many have said if you don\’t have an email list, you don\’t have a business. Small businesses that don\’t embrace it are missing out on big opportunities.

There are a lot of choices for email marketing software available, but when it comes to being budget-friendly, no software come close to MailChimp.

Mail Chimp Pros and Cons:


Final Thoughts

I have been recommending MailChimp to my clients for the last few years. I\’ve used big time software like Infusionsoft or 1 Shopping Cart but for small businesses just starting out, Mail Chimp is the best email marketing software available. Any other comparable software offers (at best) 30 days free. Why pay for something when you don\’t have to? I\’ve been using MailChimp personally for over 3 years and I will continue using it!

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